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Gemini and Gemini Table of Contents

The only one who can keep up with this is another Gemini, which is why these two have a great chance of success in a marriage. A Gemini and Gemini marriage can happen after spending quality, fun and exciting time in a relationship in which they developed trust in each other and built a strong foundation. As marriage involves a solid commitment and absolute devotion, the only way Geminis can resist their natural urges to run away is to focus on the bigger picture.

Trust is a serious problem for Gemini, as they find it extremely difficult to put their trust in another person. Two Geminis in a relationship will need a lot of time together to establish some sort of trust; it will never be absolute because there's no way to trust someone who is as changeable as the weather. On the bright side, they don't care and it won't bother them as long as they're together and having fun. Thus, they will both have the freedom they desire, which is why the Gemini and Gemini compatibility is above average.

On the flip side, this doesn't end up with a strong, long-lasting relationship.

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As mentioned repeatedly, communication between two Geminis is their strongest point in their relationship. Extremely skilled in socializing and communicating with each other, Gemini never runs out of things to talk about and the other Gemini will find it exciting to hear all about it, even though listening to other people is not Gemini's forte.

Gemini Compatibility

Nevertheless, if these two respect and understand each other well, their communication will flourish. If you're wondering why do Gemini and Gemini go together , this could be the answer to your question: because they have plenty of shared values. As two of the same sort, freedom is a value these two passionately share.

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  • Gemini and Gemini Compatibility;

They also don't like the obligations of a meaningful, traditional relationship, as they would rather have it their own way. Gemini individuals are among those who have a tendency to think more than they feel, so they rarely find themselves in need of true values, like compassion. Additionally, Gemini and Gemini would engage in all sorts of activities together as a couple, often just out of mere curiosity.

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Gemini and Gemini Love Compatibility -

We provide a thorough insight on each of the 12 zodiac signs and we can help you understand how does horoscope affect your life. Time to connect the dots by connecting with the stars. Gemini and Gemini How compatible are Gemini and Gemini? Gemini May 21 - June Gemini Compatibility with Other Signs. Gemini and Taurus. Gemini and Cancer. Gemini and Scorpio. Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini and Capricorn. Gemini and Aquarius.

Although an outstanding friendship and a positive, enthusiastic business partnership or family relationship, as a romance, this match has issues. Unfortunately for Gemini and Gemini, compatibility is not as simple as just enjoying a good chat. Gemini is a tremendous flirt , and not the most faithful of signs, so with this partnership there is an ever present risk of infidelity. Sudden changes of heart will be common with both partners in this relationship — which is fine, sometimes, because Gemini is a mutable, flexible, adaptable sign.

Remembering their extensive social life, that private time could be hard to find. For Gemini and Gemini compatibility to work at its best, this couple need to work on intimacy, privacy and physicality. As parents, these two will be inspirational but not exactly practical. Unless at least one of the partners has some solid, earthy energy elsewhere in their birth chart, this double Gemini star sign compatibility will always be slightly unstable and unpredictable.

The fact that both partners can cope with instability is to their credit, but how much can they take before one or both finds a greater attraction elsewhere? On the plus side, this partnership will always remain friends. When they do break up, it will be done swiftly and amicably, particularly if there are children involved. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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