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  1. Libra Weekly Astrology Prediction for 07 October to 13 October 12222
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Many will enjoy a new chance or unique opportunity to do something meaningful for their home or family. You will have to decide and act quickly, sometimes almost impulsively, trusting your own intuition. Men will be impatient. It will be difficult to delay the completion of tasks for another day, they will want everything to be completed quickly and, of course, successfully.

Libra Weekly Astrology Prediction for 07 October to 13 October 12222

Additional income or unexpected cash is possible. Libra Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, If you were born under the sign of Libra, this week you will enjoy the news of future motherhood or an important event in your relative's life. During this week, your love experiences will be an occasion for conversations and discussions with friends or relatives. The week will be auspicious for engagement or marriage. During the week, you will be able to count on the support of people from your family or friends.

You may receive important promise or valuable advice from such a person.

Such events will be important for the development of your plan and you will be appreciating what you will receive. During the week you will have interesting contacts with new people; you will make acquaintances during these seven days and who will have their development in the future. Avoid creating fast-paced opinions about people you will meet for the first time. I will miss it terribly. Been depressed, gained weight and feel like crap. I really need a break — and soon.

Linda24…Good things are on the horizon for you.


Libra Weekly Horoscope | Jessica Adams

I found this so helpful. I got engaged last night, so the romance aspect is definately true, but also there could be potential explosive interactions in my house-share so the reminder that I can deal with situations in a calm and tactful way is wonderful. The horoscope was somewhat very correct, I stopped 2 people from creating a seen over parking spots. I am wanting to Marry a very beautiful,and wonderful woman.

I am thinking about changing colleges for a better advance skilled college. Looking, and considering beneficial moves. If you really want spiritual guidance go to mysticpig. I am a real person not a spokesman for her.

Libra ~ Someone is very sorry & wants to make it right! ~ Weekly Tarotscope Sept 23rd - 29th

This woman has saved my life from 4 days close to death, she gave me thr idea to open a business and told me exactly where to open it and when and it worked ive been successful for 13 years. She also helped my 7 year old son rid himself of spirits that were taunting him and she helped me see the truth when i was in a lust filled relationship that could never ever work. There are plenty of free numerology sites online.

Best of Luck.

Horoscope, why is it that people i love, esteem and have helped turn to repay me evil for good. Recently, there is a problem of fire that burst out around our residence, i was present with my husband when suddenly we saw the green vegetation around us in ablaze.

While my hus and an aged lady when struggling to put out the fire, i was struggling to call the fire brigade. The bad neighbours who were in did not intervenne but went and formulated a story that me and my husband set the fire deliberately in order to bring problems on these bad neighbours.

That is the rumour all over the city now that we set the bush on fire which is a total lie as you can see oracle, i need your help. Thank you very much I really found peace after reading my horoscope and I truly believed is happening all what was just predicted for me. Your email address will not be published.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

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Weekly Horoscope For Libra

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