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Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries the original chart has this so no real change except that Mercury was retrograde back then and it's now direct. It's a much tighter conjunction as well. In many ways Scotland identifies itself with its intellectual elite; the writers, scientists, doctors, inventors and engineers. It's an optimistic set up, generally there's hope and people feel they can always talk to their leaders, which leads to progress being made.

We would be swapping a highly dignified Mars Aries Scotland's traditionally powerful male fighting force for a much weaker Mars, which is only in mutual reception with Mercury by face - which is no dignity at all, so it's essential to try to boost this Mars by house placement during the day. Mars eventually joins Saturn in Sagittarius by progression. The fact that they are in the same sign is highly significant, even if there is no actual conjunction that day, other factors primarily lunar tie the two together.

This reins in Mars' temper and gives sustained effort - for example our footballers are less inclined to hit someone, but more inclined to longer-term depression, unless they become highly disciplined. During the day the Moon, in Libra, separates from opposing Sun and Mercury, then sextile Mars carrying this forward to sextile Saturn and oppose Uranus. The Moon is the populace - perhaps after centuries of Moon in Virgo, we could discard the notion that Scotland's not really worthy and the worried-well attitude that Virgo implies. Moon in Libra at least thinks we are equal to anyone else in Europe and it engenders team-work - it should boost the music industry.

Biting the hand of Project Fear

Sextile Mars helps people to make things happen and with Mars in Sagittarius it's the daredevil attitude which could make people vote for independence. Luckily the Moon sextiles Saturn and a more down-to-earth practical approach takes over, the daring to do is still there, but tempered by a realistic work towards achieving results. See Saturn in Cancer in chart. Moon Saturn describes the dour necessity which keeps people going, it enables people to face harsh winters, and it gives strength in adversity, which other people may not fully appreciate, but which seems to be an abiding Scottish trait.

The depth of attachment to land, to clan and to home is incredibly strong - it's a bond which stretches to every corner of the globe with the Scottish ex-pat population. So Moon to Saturn is more of the same if not easier, but Moon opposing Uranus is very different. There is restlessness, and dissatisfaction with the status quo, plus a desire to bring about social transformation. I suspect that this would increase with independence - it encourages power to the people.

Edinburgh was famous for mob riots in the Georgian era: those who ruled the town did so fully aware that the people would protest if they went too far. Glasgow shipyard workers knew they had the power of numbers to bring to any trade negotiations. These traits will continue and maybe get even stronger. You will have noted that Mercury is Cazimi as the day begins, but loses this fortitude by am. The choices are Scotland celebrates independence just after midnight on the 23rd or it choses some other time on the 24th making Mercury combust. It enables financial transactions to take place in an atmosphere of goodwill.

At Vindemiatrix is on the Midheaven, which might be good for widows, but fairly ghastly for everyone else. After a weaker, combust Mercury is below standard on all of the above issues. Relative strengths vary somewhat throughout the day, but please note the altered Mercury: generally they are Venus, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mercury and finally Jupiter. Let's be realistic and state that the Scottish government is unlikely to declare Independence between am and am and that the earliest such celebration is 9am, which at least prevents Saturn from appearing on the 7th house cusp which might have otherwise encouraged all-out war with our oldest allies.

So here's my system for starting to elect a chart. I'm sure everyone has their own way of doing this. Chiron conjoins the Midheaven, all the Aries in the 10th House enables government to progress and resolve a number of complex issues, particularly health and education.

Obituary - Jonathan Cainer, astrologer who struggled with personal tragedy

The Piscean planets are in the 9th, which is excellent for foreign exchanges, negotiations, further education and mutual understanding: it enables Scotland to play a part on the world stage and engage with its ex-pat population. The Moon is in the 4th - it's always a good idea to have the luminaries in an angular house - here the people do not emigrate, to an enormous extent, as occurs when the population is discontented. Placing Jupiter in the 3rd can help local travel, keeping the roads passable is always an issue in winter.

It puts the awkward Jupiter-Venus opposition in a less fractious position. Mars and Saturn in the 5th helps the sports industry - some measure of success here would be beneficial, it's particularly good for individual sports such as tennis and golf, but nothing beats sustained, Saturnian hard preparation work.

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It can mean that many well-educated Scots go abroad, Mars ruling 5th in 5th in Sagittarius but that's not anything new. From 26 degrees of Cancer is Rising, so this chart would resonate with previous charts. Regrettably that places Procyon on the Ascendant, where a fall invariably follows pride.

However Venus with Achernar provides integrity and steadiness, Jupiter with Mizar brings courage and valour, although Saturn with Ras Algethi promotes deviousness and trickery and the North Node with Denebola can be rather unfortunate. The site at present is a work in progress — earlier content will disappear, new material emerging.. Do go over, visit for a while, leave a Like or even better, a comment. See you there! Posted on September 12, in Uncategorized.

Some of you will have read my recent article on Astrodienst, Some Notes on Cycles in a Time of Crisis , which sets the turmoil, violence and complexity of our home planet at present in the context of the great planetary cycles which symbolically describe the turbulence of a changing world order so graphically. Beyond that, in my view we leave the rest to Spirit, the Unseen, the Divine — whatever name you wish to use in reaching out to that which is forever beyond our human grasp.

I came to the practice of astrology a long time ago, seeking some kind of proof that we lived in a meaningful universe, that all the turmoils and struggles of life meant something — that we are not all mere butterflies pinned to the board of Fate within a random, meaningless cosmos.

Astrological Association of Great Britain :: In The Loop

And I did find pattern — meaning too. The great cycles tell us that we are part of a vast pattern charged with meaning. Each of us, tiny chips of the prevailing energies of our date, place and time of birth, products of our era, has our small part to play in the unfolding of the great cosmic Pattern. In times of difficulty, I have always taken consolation from contemplating the Bigger Picture, taking refuge in a sense of the sacred. We live in a vast energy field of constant motion, most of which is invisible to us. I have come to see the art of astrology helped by what I have grasped of what the quantum world has revealed to us as one that enables us to map those patterns via the constant shifting energies of the planets in their orbits.

Astrologers take a step that, in our reductionist, materialist culture, pulls down all sorts of opprobrium and scorn upon our heads: We attribute meaning to those patterns. Some of us still live in that cosmos. Others do not. Where you have such a powerful clash of worldviews, polarisation and prejudice can arise. What do we do about this? I pondered it for a few days. As I reflected on it, I became more interested in the original meaning of the word, which has led me to a conclusion about the status of astrology, especially in our modern world: The true depth of what astrology can reveal about human affairs, both in the collective and the personal sense, will always be inaccessible to the large majority of people.

Astrology is an occult subject. As such, its influence and its great value are likely to remain masked, hidden from view, operating powerfully but behind the scenes of everyday life. For example, in ancient times its practice was held in high esteem by Babylonian and Egyptian rulers, whose astrologer-priests scanned the stars and advised the kings and sometimes, even, the queens! There were no personal horoscopes.

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The general public was in no way consulted or informed regarding decisions made that affected all their lives. Scanning the Stars…. Paradoxically, in our time, mass-market popular astrology could be seen as fulfilling the function of concealing the real power of astrology quite effectively.

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Most of the public remain unaware of the depth that exists behind the mask of the Sun Sign columns, although I do agree with Victor that there is a very big difference between the nuggets of truth that a quality Sun Sign column can reveal and the kind of trashy stuff that some popular newspapers, magazines, and internet sites churn out.

He strongly suggested that they review the seaworthiness and safety procedures of all their passenger ships. His warning was duly dismissed. Not long afterwards, the U. However, to understand the profound link that exists between your unique chip of energy and the larger, meaningful cosmos, you will need to seek out a good astrologer to offer you a sensitive and revealing portrait of your moment of birth via your horoscope.

Those of us who are in-depth practitioners know that a quality astrology reading with the right astrologer at the right time can be truly life changing. They killed themselves. Cainer had other struggles in his life. In , his wife Melanie died in a car crash, leaving him with seven children. In , a psychic museum he established in York also closed down after four years.

Scotland Referendum – try, try again

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