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Canopus: Amazingly Bright Star

At latitude 76 S Canopus is the most southerly star of astrological note, never visible to locations above 37 degrees north. Because of its brilliance, Canopus has always been an important 'marker' star by which directions and bearings were taken. Thus it became inextricably linked to navigational matters. Known as the 'lighthouse of the universe' it was also invested with the symbolic meaning of spiritual guidance for 'journeys of the soul'.

Another Greek legend tells of Canopus, the Pilot of the fleet of Menelaus, who died of a snakebite after calling into the coast of Egypt on the journey home from the destruction of Troy. The ancient city of Canopus, about 20 kilometers northeast of Alexandria, is said to have been named in his honour and it was from here, according to Olympiodoro that Ptolemy charted the sky. This is now a ruined port on the mouth of the Nile, presently known as Aboukir - the site of Nelson's naval 'Battle of the Nile' in and Napoleon's naval victory over the Turks in There are many other references to Canopus being connected with water in Southern Egypt it was seen as the god of the waters and the Hindus called it Agastya, a son of the goddess of the waters.

Not surprisingly, the people of the desert areas looked upon it most favourably and in Arabia its name was used as a personal title to say that someone was brilliant, glorious and beautiful. Lilly used the direction of the Midheaven to Canopus to indicate a period of increased authority, glory, fame and wealth". Ptolemy listed the influence of all Argo's stars to be like Saturn and Jupiter. Other stars of note include Foramen, a reddish star of variable magnitude known to be prone to violent outbursts and thought to be on the verge of collapse as a supernova , situated on the stern of the ship; and Markeb, a 2nd magnitude star in the buckler of the ship.

Both, like Canopus, were said by Robson to offer strength of mind and spirit, as well as prosperity in trade and voyages and a danger of death by drowning.

Robson, www. Read Free For 30 Days. The Fixed Star Canopus Or Agastya "pushing the waters forward" spiritual guidance for 'journeys of the soul'. Description: The Hindus called it Agastya, one of their Rishis, or inspired sages,— and helmsman of their Argha,— a son of Varuna, the goddess of the waters; and Sanskrit literature has many allusions to its heliacal rising in connection with certain religious ceremonies. In the Avesta it is mentioned as "pushing the waters forward"—governing the tides. Flag for inappropriate content.

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